Wondering whether I’m telling the truth about my cover letter editing abilites? Valid question. Here is some real feedback from real people that I’ve (hopefully) really helped!

Emily Chapman did not read my resume extensively just to correct grammatical errors. She took her time to get to know me through my resume so that she was able to enhance the format, vocabulary and overall quality of my resume. She helped me sound more professional, while still sounding like myself. I have already shared with most of my friends her fantastic suggestions and tips. I feel much more confident emailing my resumes to internships with the help from the brilliant Emily Chapman!!

– Danielle O’Neill,¬†Ithaca College

Hate writing cover letters? Would you rather have someone with a much larger vocab help you get the internship or job of your dreams? Well then contact Emily at thousandwordsconsulting.com. She is awesome (literally awe inspiring) and incredibly talented…..

She can help you write the letter that gets you noticed.

– Shayla Boyce, Shippensburg University

Emily Chapman is lady who does not mince words. I of course mean this in the best possible way. I am constantly surprised at how many funny, humble, intelligent, happy, sad, and in between things she can express in one short blog post (obviously she would have found a succinct way to sum that up and would not have needed all of those adjectives. Bully for her).

Additionally she is up front about her copy edits. She knows what will make the point of a paper or cover letter shine, and is able to communicate that to you. All in all she is pretty handy with a keyboard, and I trust her to edit anything for me.

–¬†Anna Keneda, Emory University


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